13 May 2008

People's Republic of Boulder Asking for Token Conservative

The city of Boulder, home to the University of Colorado and well known for its flagrant yuppie douchebaggery, is going to allow a professor into the ranks who has to be a conservative. The Wall Street Journal explains (h/t Malkin):

Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson surveys this landscape with unease. A college that champions diversity, he believes, must think beyond courses in gay literature, Chicano studies and feminist theory. "We should also talk about intellectual diversity," he says. So over the next year, Mr. Peterson plans to raise $9 million to create an endowed chair for what is thought to be the nation's first Professor of Conservative Thought and Policy.

This would be a remarkable turn of events from the college campus that once allowed nutjob Ward "Little Eichmanns" Churchhill to spew his vile slander to impressionable young minds. But, alas, not every student is happy about the marketplace of ideas as Sophomore Marissa Malouff explains:

"They need to learn about social problems and poverty and the type of things liberal professors are likely to talk about."

I'm going to have to agree with Ms. Malouff, since it is necessary for our future policy-makers, politicians, and lawyers to be able to remember their years as grass-roots activists with self-righteous clarity. How else could the elite class justify to themselves fucking over millions of people with their disastrous policies foisted upon the American citizenry, if they didn't have that "Free Tibet" sticker on the car their parents bought them in college.

Horrible Dickensian Strife For the Proletariat in Colorado Must Be Taught in College