15 May 2008

Smashing Through the Boundaries, Lunacy Has Found Me

The metal site Blabbermouth has the scoop on an indy movie being released about Iraqi metal band "Acrassicauda" (that's Latin for Black Scorpion). As general rule of thumb, I don't listen to music that was made after Kurt Cobain's crazy wife killed him (or he killed himself, whatever), but I was able to check out some of their shit on MySpace. These guys are pretty badass and way better than the Jack Johnson crap that passes for "rock" these days. The band started in Baghdad during the Saddam era, but had to leave the country after receiving death threats from the Muj during the post-invasion period. The dudes are inspired by Metallica and Slayer, so that's impressive considering how so many other newer "artists" don't even remember the metal classics (Cliff Burton 4ever you emo weenies!).

I'm not sure what their thoughts would be about a member of the US military plugging for them, but if I threw up the horns and rocked out on air guitar to Iron Maiden, they'd probably be cool. The website for the movie is here, and it's got limited release in NYC, LA, and Seattle later this month. If anyone sees it, please let me know.
Metal Has No Borders