02 May 2008

Soccer Mom Gets Tossed in the Clink, Again!

Susan LeFevre, at 19 years old, was sentenced to 10-20 years on a trumped-up drug charge in the 70s. This was during the time that Richard Nixon got "tough" on victimless crimes and coined the phrase "The War on Drugs". Apparently, sentencing 19-year old women to harsh prison sentences benefitted society at one time. Ms. LeFevre busted out of prison in Michigan and has been captured in California after being on the lam for 30+ years. Her status as a danger to society is questionable at best, and this is another sad case in the criminalization of vice. It would be pretty easy to forgive someone for drug use in the 70s. I wasn't alive then, but it seems like narcotics played a large part of mainstream culture. How else would a band like BeeGees achieve such popularity? I figure most people were under the influence of something or another.

Caution: People who thought these guys were cool may have been on something


Long-time RN said...

Aw geez, cut us a little slack LT!
Those toothy Aussies caused many a Saturday Night Fever dancing under the disco ball. It was a great time, for the most part. There is no purpose in incarcerating this woman. Hope common sense prevails, but won't hold my breath.
Ah ah ah ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.....
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

I am SHOCKED!! This is just the kind of group I thought you would be crazy about. They look pretty good -- skinny hips, lots of hair -- hey, I've seen Sat. Night Fever, it was a fun movie.
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

And, no, I don't believe anything would be proved over this woman going back to jail -- but, yes, who knows what will come out of all that.

(Sorry, your pictures distracted me again!)


kiyum said...

There is a jive talkin joke here somewhere. Also love me some bee gees. If I were a little older I would most definitely have a coke problem, a silver and gold lame' problem and I already have a platform shoes problem.

Bag Blog said...

The 70's were an odd time for drug laws - people were a bit freaked by the growing use of drugs. I know that is not a good excuse to ruin a young woman's life, but there it is. People fear what they do not understand - including the BeeGees.

LT Nixon said...

Boo, disco sucks and was the driving force for the crappy boy-band pop crap we have today! Long live Rock N' Roll.

Christine said...

The 70's? aahhh.............

People "may" be surprised by how many and who, inhaled during those days.

With regards to the Bee Gees, no so much. I listened to Frampton, BTO and Led Zepplin.

Shook my bootie to Bootsy Collins, James Brown and the Ohio Players.

The 70's was a dream world. A mellow mix of music and mild mayham.

This woman was just one of many. Most of the people went on the lead "normal" productive lives. Drug free. There is nothing to be gained by throwing her back in to slammer.