18 May 2008

Thai Women with Guns

Probably Not Gonna Get Much Better Than This

Babes with guns in the Land of Smiles (that's Thailand) is about all you need to not lose total faith in humanity. The blog known as Asian Sweetheart has some pictures of them along with other pictures of Thai womens. The place is run by a blogger named "Asian Sweetheart" as well. Her English is excellent, she seems nice, and her occupation is "webmistress". Not sure what that means, but sounds like it's right up my alley. Her motivation is spelled out in her blogger profile:

What I bring you on this blog is a view into the realm of models, actresses, celebrities and every day girls of Thailand, with photos and plenty of commentary. It's a big realm full of gorgeous Thai ladies, and seems to receive little attention in the English speaking world.

Only a little attention from us farang types? I plan on visiting the site at least hourly to narrow this cultural divide.