12 May 2008

That Part of the Deployment

Confusius Once Said: "One's level of motivation is directly proportional to the time spent on deployment"

Alas, the time has come for me to be "checked out" or in a state of "not caring". I've gotten a shiny medal, I mailed most of my crap to my mother's house, most of the Navy types I came in with to Iraq are long gone, and the new replacements have arrived. One of them is *gasp*, a lady! So much for my standard work practice of not wearing pants in the office. The new officers seem happy to be here and ready to take over, and I hope to explain to them the job beyond my own incoherent mumbling and mindlessly staring at the ceiling like a zombie (that's gonna be tough for me). The Army Captain says she wants to travel outside the wire to help out with women's rights issues (sister of Fallujah, Mother Teresa of Iraq, et. al.), but I didn't have the heart to say that the closest our particular cell goes to leaving the T-walls of the Green Zone is watching the helicopters take off when you walk to the PX. Of course, the early bird gets the worm, and I hope she can help out with those endeavors. Because motivated people are what makes the world go round, and people satisfied with wallowing in mediocrity and cynicism usually start blogs.