26 May 2008

Word From The Libertarian Convention in Denver (Barr it is then)

Eric Dondero first broke the story that Barr won the nomination. My mother has been busy doing credentialing and the whole delegate thing at the Libertarian Party convention in Denver, but she had to time to fill me in via email last night. From the woman who put up with so much bullshit when I was growing up:

It was a pretty exciting day. Mary Ruwart and Bob Barr were running neck and neck. It was the "ideological" libertarians (Ruwart) vs. the "practical" libertarians (Barr). I voted for Barr because he is much better known and I think can raise a lot more money for us. Ruwart has more liberal appeal; but the liberals aren't going to desert Obama--they love him. The conservatives aren't satisfied with McCain, and so that's where we'll get our votes this year. I think a lot of people in the party are upset, and I hope this doesn't cause a schism alienating many long-time libertarians. But Bob Barr has put in time for the party and deserves a chance. I know him, and think he has sincerely changed his views on many issues, such as the defense of marriage act.

Anyway, we have one more day, where we'll pick our national chair. Then I'm hanging around and hope to see a little bit of Denver.

Long time Republicans are likely to get mad that Barr will swindle some votes from Senator McCain. But c'mon, the GOP has been a complete disgrace for quite some time. Foreign policy under Bush has been poor at best, and the so-called party of smaller government has seen government spending send our national debt to the moon (nearly $10 Trillion). Also, I'm not jumping on the Obama band-wagon anytime soon (for a long list of reasons), so it's decent to have a moderate middle-of-the-road guy like Barr to vote for in November.

The more radical faction of the Libertarian Party seemed quite upset that "neo-cons" were taking over the party according to David Weigel of Reason. While I may have held this "anti-authority" attitude in my younger days, my experiences have taught me to adopt a more practical approach to politics. Also, I would be a bit of a hypocrite as a military officer to say that authority and enforcement of the Rule of Law doesn't have its place. It is good news that Bob Barr has changed his tune from bringing "teh crazy" in '96 with the cultural conservative Defense of Marriage Act to an more libertarian outlook. Seriously, what business does the federal government have in regulating who you marry? I'm still curious as to Barr's views on foreign policy, but time will tell. I'd vote for him over McCain or Obama. What are your thoughts?

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