27 June 2008

Combat Zone Bonein' with Lara Logan

In light of the sad news from Baghdad about Nicole, this story is a bit on the lighter side, which I know Nicole would've found hilarious.

Lara Logan, who recently voiced her outrage at CBS on The Daily Show for not covering Iraq enough, believes that rockets and bullets are an aphrodisiac because she was involved in a steamy love affair while in Mesopotamia. According to the NY Post, Logan had a bonefest with some married contractor, Joe Burkett, as well as CNN correspondent Michael Ware, and the two men brawled like a couple of gel-haired meatheads during last call at the club trying to get their mitts on her. Hat Tip to CDR Salamander, who wonders the same thing I did, why wasn't she looking to me for a lusty affair? I'm guessing the answer to that lies in the fact that our salaries pale in comparison to our contracting peers. I always felt Lara Logan's reporting was overrated and shoddy, while Arwa Damon of CNN had far better journalistic coverage of the war in Iraq. Unfrotunately, Arwa is a bit plain looking, and therefore doesn't get the same attention as a blonde bombshell like Logan. Sorry, Arwa. Pictured below is the characters in this ridiculous soap opera from the war zone.

Hot Babe and overrated Reporter Logan Gets it On in Iraq Apparently, Women Find Fucked-Up Looking Noses Attractive Despite Arwa's Pastel Green Shirt, She Gets Ignored Joe Burkett, (I Found on Teh Google), also convicted of Kidtouchin' two teeneage boys in NY in 2007, I assume it was the same guy who fucked Logan