26 June 2008

Greed is So Easy To Manipulate

The Justice Department has done the right thing and fully prosecuted Maj. Cockerham and his wife for taking over a $1M in bribes from a crooked Kuwaiti contractor. He claimed to want to use the money to build "a church", but he disgraced the officer corps by abusing the authority the country had given him. The American people trust the military with a lot: nukes, tomahawks, billion-dollar planes, M249s, VX, and the trust placed in us to not contract STDs while in a liberty port. It's ironic that this Major chose to be swayed by the item that influences all of our corrupt politicians...money. The ethics and necessity of contracting in a war zone is a little beyond the scope of this blog, but incidents like this one sure makes one want to abolish the contracting system.