19 June 2008

Mr. Ed Hung From The Ceiling in Australia To Provoke "Commentary"

I recognize that I'm probably not qualified to be a modern art critic, since I consider Hentai the most fascinating artwork to come along in recent years. However, recent modern art masterpieces such as "Piss Christ", the Yale student's Bag O' Abortions piece, and now a stuffed horse suspended from the ceiling in Australia are apparent in their tastelessness to even the most non-intellectual observer. The Sydney Biennale seeks to provoke "comment and debate" as reported on the SBS website:

A sign overlooking Sydney's iconic Opera House and harbour questions: "This is freedom?". Two more signs plastered on the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) read "end white supremacy" and "200 years of white lies" - the work of US artist Sam Durant. Inside the MCA a taxidermic horse hangs limply from the ceiling suspended by leather slings, while in another room a figure of Jesus is mounted on a descending US jet fighter plane.

Sure, everyone has something nasty to say about us loudmouth creeps in America, but hanging a poor stuffed horse from the ceiling is not a proper method of political discourse, but rather a grotesque symbol of abusing an animal. While I'm no vegan or animal-rights activists, we should strive to avoid acts of barbarism in our treatment of animals by condemning things like dog-fighting, ratting, and this crap. Here's a link to artwork showing a horse, in this case Secretariat, in a way that highlights the awesomeness of horses. Of course, that piece would probably be considered "corny" by the Biennale's standards unless he was taking a big steamy dump on an American flag or something.

Save Me, Wilbur!