28 June 2008

Now the Best Argument Against Gun Ownership is "You Guys Are Weird"

Seeing how the Heller case put to bed the ridiculous notion that the 2nd Amendment was solely intended for organized militias (I know, the whole "right of the people to keep and bear arms" verbage was pretty darn confusing), the best argument against gun ownership from totalitarian enablers boils down to cultural semantics of urbanistas vs. everyone else in the country.
  • The NY Times editorial board has stated that the SCOTUS decision was a victory for the "far right" (I doubt 4+ Million members in the NRA all classify themselves as "far right")
  • Kevin Drum says the whole gun confiscation argument "only appealed to an extremist fringe that's fueled by an inchoate rage against pointy-headed DC bureaucrats"
  • The Stranger (Seattle's Only Newspaper) drops the snark saying "Have fun! Try to not to blast away too many of your children your neighbor or yourself—even if is your Constitutional right."
  • Matthew Ygleisas simply refers to gun enthusiasts as "weird"
Prepare for the yuppie "Stuff White People Like" crowd to try and convince us we are a bunch of rubes and that we should embrace the urban culture of no-leash dog parks, bike paths, and snooty condescension of the majority of Americans. Try not to shoot yourself in the head to curtail the suffering of having to listen to them whine.