27 June 2008

Obama Ditches The Netroots

Netroots Left All On Their Lonesome by Obama

It is common knowledge that, while talk radio is generally conservative, the top blogs are generally liberal (see the top political blogs on Technorati). It would be natural for Senator Obama to side with the netroots on key issues they find important to earn their support. But the Huffington Post reports that the Obama camp and the netroots are diverging:

Obama's decision to embrace a compromise on FISA legislation -- a virtual slap in the face to some progressive bloggers demanding no legal immunity for telecommunications companies -- was the catalyst of the recent chatter. Other concerns arose days prior when Obama cut an advertisement on behalf of a conservative southern Democrat whose primary challenger was favored by the liberal blogosphere.

This rift has prompted The Next Right to begin questioning the relevancy of the left-leaning blogosphere, as netroots shamelessly change their tune to be more in line with Obama's policies. Obama voiced his disappointment with yesterday's SCOTUS decision to not allow capital punishment in the case of child rape. The "progressive" response has been totally weak to this ridiculous "eye for an eye" logic (espoused by guys like BillO, Townhall, and uh, I guess Obama), for criminal prosecution . Daily Kos gives a roundabout argument, so does Ygleisas, and only John Amato of CnL dares to speak out against the messiah by saying "He's running much farther to the right than he has to". One of the few issues I agree with the netroots on to prevent our society from looking like the dark ages, and they weasel out of it. What a bunch of pussies.

Pic From Jawa