21 June 2008

Those Cute Little Tax Burdens

Allahpundit already beat me to the punch on the knocked-up teeny boppers in Massachusetts Time article, but I thought I'd throw in my $.02. As a lib, it's ethically wrong for me to chastise young, unwed mothers for choosing a life of motherhood at such a young age. Besides, women were plopping out rugrats in their teenage years during the Colonial era and American civilization still soldiers on. But now that my Combat Zone Tax Exclusion has expired, and I've got to bear a portion of the cost, I'm gonna raise holy hell!

Apparently, it is now the "cool" thing to do for unwed teenage girls at Gloucester High to be seen pushing around the stroller. My barometer of coolness for a teenage girl is whether or not she has big hair and can rock out to Whitesnake, so perhaps I'm a bit behind the times. However, one explanation suggests that school policy is enabling this new trend by providing free day-care for students:

The high school has done perhaps too good a job of embracing young mothers. Sex-ed classes end freshman year at Gloucester, where teen parents are encouraged to take their children to a free on-site day-care center. Strollers mingle seamlessly in school hallways among cheerleaders and junior ROTC. "We're proud to help the mothers stay in school," says Sue Todd, CEO of Pathways for Children, which runs the day-care center.

So the school is basically teaching these youngsters that they have no responsibility for their actions and their cute little babies can suck off the huge proverbial teat of public funding from the state of MA. I live in an area that sounds similar in economic demographics to Gloucester, and if a woman is halfway decent looking, she's no doubt going to be schlepping around the baby by 19 (a crude description, but a reality). Often they are out and about with the teenage mom's mom at the local Wal-Mart, while the deadbeat Daddy is nowhere in sight. Responsible Americans will continue to have children in less numbers, while breeding patterns for those unable to have any foresight skyrocket, since the tax dollars from hard-working Americans will continue to fund their inept decision-making. If you don't understand this analogy, please watch Mike Judge's Idiocracy. Until then, I humbly suggest forcing all teenagers to watch the Judge Reinhold classic, Vice Versa, to understand the responsibilities and difficulties of being an adult.

Mandatory Viewing for Young Adults