24 June 2008

UNprepared for Zimbabwe

Ed Morrisey has the details on Tsvangirai hiding in the Dutch embassy in Harare to gain support of Europe and to prevent being murdered by the Mugabe mob and his illegitimate government. Even though this crisis has been brewing since the March elections, all the United Nations could muster was a lousy "strongly worded" press release today:

The Security Council further expresses its concern at the grave humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe and condemns the suspension by the Government of Zimbabwe of the operations of humanitarian organizations, which has directly affected one and a half million people, including half a million children. The Council calls on the Government of Zimbabwe to immediately allow humanitarian organizations to resume their services. The Security Council will continue to monitor closely the situation and requests the Secretary-General to report on ongoing regional and international efforts to resolve the crisis.

There isn't anymore need to "monitor" the situation in Zimbabwe, after the proverbial plane has already crashed into the mountain (the wife of Harare's mayor has been massacred by President-for-life Mugabe, which is just one sad example) . Damnit, UN, less talkin' and more rockin'.

Unfortunately, this shows the true nature of the United Nations: a cornball international organization designed to fill the world community's head with nonsense about "making a difference for a better world" while being a thinly-veiled ruse to rip off money from western Europe and the U.S. Chalk this tragedy up to their laundry list of UNusually copious amounts of incompetence: UNclear future for Article 140 in Kirkuk, UNknown effectiveness of Iranian sanctions, and UNending genocide in Darfur.

Don't Worry! The U.N.'s watching these guys if they try anything funny