01 July 2008

Veterans Coming To The Negotiating Table

These are bad days for the vetpolitik as pundits are all over the controversial remarks that General (retired) Clark made on PBS yesterday about McCain's war record. I would agree with the assertion that McCain's stellar service as a Naval officer doesn't necessarily qualify him to be Prez. I don't think that is very controversial and a lot of people are making mountains out of molehills in our hyper-partisan atmosphere of the election year (although the obscene comments on some lefty blogs about McCain "not excelling" in the military were asinine) . However, I do believe that ex-military personnel are well-suited for politics due to their knack of seeing the bigger picture and the selflessness inherent in the service. Vetvoice, where I write sometimes, is seeking to defend the retired General and Vets For Freedom is demanding an apology from Clark. Here's the superb VFF spokesman, Pete Hegseth, speaking on Fox (h/t Gateway Pundit):

This whole situation sucks ass. The media is merely exploiting vet groups as they see them as the only ones with enough moral authority to criticize any politician's military service. This does not help the overall dialogue. After the dust from the election settles, the hypothetical situation where people start treating Iraq/A-stan vets like shit for the excessive costs of the wars could become a reality. We need to stick together and realize that political operatives on both sides of the aisles are beneficial. I know some of you guys with the DC connection occasionally read this blog, and I'm gonna take the Rodney King narrative and beg for us all to get along.

Also: Predictably, Obama chucks out Clark like a moldy bag of tangerines. Gee whiz, no one saw that one coming.