22 June 2008

The WA Governor and Her Dumb Priorities - No More Candy On Lotto Tix

Despite the fact that the issue of the Alaskan Way Viaduct remains a big freakin' question mark (a 1950s freeway in Seattle that is probably going to collapse next time an old lady in a Cadillac drives down it), Gov. Gregoire has decided to focus her attention onto more pressing issues... lottery tickets. From Today's Seattle Times:

Gov. Christine Gregoire's office on Thursday asked the lottery to pull the game, which features tickets that look like labels for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Jolly Rancher and other candies, after investigating a concern that it could be perceived as a game for kids. Lottery Director Christopher Liu asked the state's 3,900 scratch-ticket retailers to remove the game, but it may take a few weeks for the game to disappear from shelves and vending machines, said Jacque Coe, spokeswoman for the lottery.

It is common knowledge that the state-run lottery is an abominable racket, designed to prey on the poor and ignorant to fund a bunch of hokey government programs. The odds are so egregiously against the rubes who choose to partake in this scam, that it would make a bookie named "Tiny" from Jersey begin to question the ethics of gambling. Gov. Gregoire is just tossing this red herring issue out to the local press to express her liberal "compassion" in making sure kids don't get fat and greedy when they see Mom and Dad throwing down their rent check on these ridiculous tickets. The Governor has no plans of actually getting rid of the program, as she just tapped the lotto money fund to spend $700K on god knows what in Tacoma. Like most politicians, she's very big on the rhetoric of "compassion" for kids, baby seals, or trees or whatever, but can't stop feeding her ravenous addiction to the almighty dollar.

The Scourge of The Evergreen State: Lotto Tickets That Make You Fat