20 June 2008

War Inc. Not Looking Too Promising

Did you guys know that there was this thing called the Iraq war and some stuff didn't go well but they have a ton of oil so some rich people who dress like cowboys could make a lot of money? I wouldn't have known unless John Cusack's latest movie War Inc. was made!

Zzzzzzz. Dirty Harry's place has the review up for this pile of dog ass, and it promises to do for the troops what Birth of a Nation did for African Americans:

It’s hard to decide who gets it worse; the American military or the Iraqi (Turqistani) people. Military men and women are alternately portrayed as buffoons, bloodthirsty, or manic. One has “Fuck Haji” tattooed across his back. The Iraqi/Turaqistani’s are boobs, suckers, patsies for the Americans, or … terrorists.

Despite the fact that I sport the "Fuck Haji" tattoo across my chest and a "KBR 4eva" tattoo on my back, God help us all if that's what the majority of Americans think of the military. I have no problems with Hollywood's liberal leanings, but they need to learn that you have to come up with new ideas to get the hard-earned bucks from your average moviegoer. I recommend spending the 7 bucks on purchasing a copy of Halloween III: Season of the Witch at your local Wal-Mart (it's probably located in one of those big boxes on the floor next to the Abs workout videos and straight-to-cable movies starring Dolph Lundgren). It includes an evil corporation affiliated with satanic druids that manufactures halloween masks which turn kids' heads into a bunch of ants. Plus the protagonist gets it on with an android (I don't blame him, that chick was hot). Now there's a movie! Best of all it doesn't include a bunch of preachy political commentary that you've already heard a zillion times.

Spend Your Money On This Bad Boy Instead