23 July 2008

Awesomely Terrible Tats

Mike Riggs of Reason wasn't very impressed that some snooty baby boomer at WaPo called us youngsters with tats "losers". But Richard hasn't seen some of these monstrosities below. Check it:

Anything Referencing The Wizard for life takes some serious commitment...or a lobotomy

White Pride tats obviously done in prison. This may have prevented a shanking at the time of inking, but now it just makes you look like an asshole

Did you know Jesus was a trannie? I saw him cruising for anus in West Hollywood once

3 cars for 3 rolls = 3 times the fun for 3 sweaty drunk guys

My wife the motherfucking zombie. Talk about a lousy honeymoon

Mr. Ice is a pretty common name, but Mr. Cool Ice is something unique