25 July 2008

Big Energy Plans For The Air Force

The Politico discusses initiatives within the DoD to improve energy efficiency and the politics associated with a greener military. Apparently M1151 Hummers and Strykers loaded to the gills with armor get rotten gas mileage...go figure! It's certainly not a bad idea to save cash through conservation and alternative energy, but Congressman Israel's (D-NY) proposal seems a bit too hippy for Uncle Sam (foreign oil being the biggest threat to national security in his mind). So Deputy SECDEF England fired a zinger:

Defense Department officials know there is a problem, Israel said, but they also are well aware that it can’t be fixed overnight. Israel once pressed Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England to conduct a national competition for an energy-efficient naval propulsion system. England sent back a picture drawn by schoolchildren in crayon — of a boat with oars.

Heh heh. I wonder if Israel's office is taking ideas for the Air Force:

Here's some more legitamate ideas regarding alternative energy for the USAF from Danger Room that doesn't involve a cat flying an airplane while dropping vegetable bombs.