25 August 2008

About Biden Being Shot At...

We all had a good chuckle when Sinbad outed Hillary Clinton for embellishing her sniper-fire story in Bosnia. Apparently, Malkin wants to put the same spin on Biden for saying he was "shot at" in the Green Zone in August 2007. She's even encouraging readers to do some fauxtoshop shenanigans to bring the funny. I was in the IZ in August 2007, and there certainly was quite a bit of getting shot at "indirectly" (meaning mortars/rockets lobbed in by militia thugs). Biden was making a point about the problems of withdrawing U.S. forces at the time, and not trying to look like a politically-conscientious Rambo (like Hillary was). IMHO, this isn't a valid source of criticism of Biden. To prove I'm not "in the tank" for the Dems, see this last post.

Rocket fragments, stray AK-47 rounds, and other fun stuff this blog found strewn about the Green Zone last year