12 August 2008

Good Thing Pundits Aren't Running the Country

While Georgia Burns

Call me the bloggin' Benedict Arnold if you must, but the ugly stain of partisanship in today's RSS feed regarding policy towards Georgia is a bit disturbing. While lefty blogs dispute whether or not McCain lifted his statement from Wikipedia and Kristol licks his chops at the prospect of sending in US forces, the list of atrocities against Georgia by the Russian military continues to grow by the day:
Lucky for the Georgians, the American President has issued public statements condemning Russia's brutal behavior, and the French President is going to Moscow in an attempt to hammer out a ceasefire. That's right, mark it, filthy politician rats are acting more responsibly than sweat-pants wearin' bloggers and actually showing leadership. This reminds me of the time we were getting shellacked in the Green Zone and all people in blogland were either ecstatic that Sadr was making Bush look stupid or that Iran was behind it all and we should start bombing them. Politics has an awkward role in conflict, and it seems that people get carried away with supporting this or that position that they don't realize civilians are getting killed while they nitpick at gaffes. Fortunately, the Russian propaganda machine seems to have missed the disputes in the blogs and sees America united behind a message of condemnation. From Pravda:

The evidence to proof the USA’s hand behind the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia can be found in Western media. Western news agencies, Reuters, for example, have been distributing countless photographs depicting Russia’s supposed atrocities in Georgia. Such photos along with adequate headlines can be found in practically all US newspapers (The New York Times is the best example for it). All of them unanimously accuse Russia of aggression against Georgia, but they do not say a word about Georgia’s actions against civilians in S. Ossetia.

Good thing the editors at Pravda didn't read the dumbass HuffPo post about McCain engineering the whole thing to win the American election.