22 August 2008

Guy Puts Big McCain Sign on the Wrong Part of the Sound

Simplified Map of Puget Sound

For some context, the more densely-populated, more liberal Seattle is on the eastern part of the Puget Sound, while the slightly more conservative Bremerton area (where I live) is on the Western part of the Puget Sound. Not pictured is Tacoma, which is to the south. I've lived in the area less than a year, and I enjoy different things about each part, but there's certain things you don't do. In the Bremerton area, you go with your wife to Macy's unless you want to walk home in the rain, in Tacoma you don't show up to the bar in a Volvo, and in Seattle you don't post a big McCain for Prez sign unless you want a new paintjob on your house. From Q13 Fox:

"I heard a loud splat on the front door, I walked out and looked, there was red paint all over the McCain sign," said Anderson. Anderson says he spent nearly 2 hours cleaning he paint from the sign and his home. The diehard Republican says he couldn't believe it, when the suspect showed up again at his home with more paint. "I was angry when I got to the bottom of the hill, and he was coming back for a second try," said Anderson. According to Anderson he chased the 57 year old West Seattle man who dumped the second can of paint in some nearby bushes. Anderson says the guy got away but not for long.

Mr. Anderson should've been given the advice by police that Merle Haggard got when he made a joke about Hillary Clinton last year in Seattle, "Dude, wrong side!".