08 August 2008

Hillary Already Dreaming Up Grand Schemes When Obama Inevitably Gets Elected

The presidential candidates are neck-in-neck in the polls right now, but that didn't stop Hillary from assuming Obama has got it locked up and dreaming up foisting her grand health-care scheme on us rowdy, unwashed subjects. From the "Let's Chat" segment with her 15 supporters online today (h/t Wonkette):

Question #5:

One of the main reasons that I voted for Hillary is her plans for healthcare. Can you make a comment on how healthcare carried out in the next administration?

by RichardA OH at 8/7/2008 12:02:43 PM

Answer: I am so pleased that Senator Obama shares my commitment to universal health care. Once he is elected, I will be working closely with his administration, members of Congress, health care advocates, and others -- to help develop a plan that ensures access to health care for every American. I know how important this issue is and it will be my top priority.

She didn't even say "if he is elected", which seems a bit presumptuous, IMHO. But maybe she knows something I don't, after all she's probably got some pretty good connections. Assuming that Obama's election is for sure, we can expect $5000 of taxpayer dollars to go down the drain for every smelly little urchins being born, and forcing companies to provide health care plans which will probably cause rampant unemployment. Yeah for democracy!