18 August 2008

A Plea To Pakistan: Don't Be Ellis

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Jihadica has an al-Sahab release from Al-Qaeda #2, Zawahiri, who uses rhetoric to plead with Pakistan to side with the terrorist group. This is highly disturbing to anyone concerned about the capability of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Newsweek reported last year that militant Islam was gaining popularity in Pakistan, and their government's preponderance to attempt to broker deals with militant groups in the northwestern tribal areas, such as the Waziristan Accords, have proven disastrous for the worldwide counterterrorism effort. That is why an there is an urgent need to plead with the powers that be in Pakistan with this simple meme: Don't Be Ellis.

Ellis was the sleazy businessman in Die Hard who attempted to negotiate for the surrender of McClane (played by Bruce Willis) to the terrorist thugs that had seized the Nakotomi Plaza in Los Angeles. While Ellis held no ill-will in his heart, he attempted to appease the enemy, when the only logical discourse was to meet an irrational foe with overwhelming force.

U.S.-Pakistan relations saw a boost when the U.S. provided aid after the devastating earthquake in 2005, but they have soured considerably since then. However, both the U.S. and Pakistan have a love of cinema, and iconic movie like Die Hard could transcend cultural boundaries to comprehend the serious threat that appeasement of terrorists could bring.