21 August 2008

Protester Yahoos To Levitate the Denver Mint

Every Human Parasite's Dream, Free Money! (from Recreate 68)

Due to the drop in violence in Iraq, certain vermin in this country seem to be having trouble exploiting tragedy and death in the Middle East for their own political purposes (see DC protest where only one shabby husk of a human showed up on The Mall). So to market a more appealing message for the upcoming DNC protests, the Recreate 68 coalition plans to shake down the Denver Mint to steal a bunch of free cash:

It’s time to redistribute the wealth. Between security and corporate pay-offs, the DNC will cost over 100 million dollars for a party. We think the people deserve that money. Join us as we encircle the Denver MInt (where U.S. currency is produced) and use our collective power to raise the mint building in the air and shake the money out of it for the people. Don’t forget a sack to put all of your loot in. Bring noise makers, energy, spells, magic,costumes, anything that gives you power. We’ll need it!

Aside from the fact that redistribution of wealth and resources didn't work out so well in the 20th century (see Stalin's Ukraine), these sheisters are pathetically unoriginal, as Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies already tried to levitate the Pentagon in the 60s. Further examination of the Recreate 68 schedule for next week reveals other attempts at money-grubbing like a whiny tween at Hot Topic (h/t Moonbattery). These include the "Everything for Everyone Capitalist March" on Monday and the "From Corporate Control to People Control" on Wednesday. Also, Code Pink will be having a concert, which presumably will be like a folksy Barbara Streisand, but more preachy, more shrill, and to include a drum circle of unemployed riff-raff. The Big Lewbowski's response to the dude that "The Bums Lost...Condolences!" seems to have an aura of truth regarding this event. And you wonder why the Denver City Council had to pass the "no flinging feces" law.