15 August 2008

Sasquatch Lives!

Some dude who's been looking for Bigfoot since 1971 says Bigfoot Lives in northern Georgia (Hot Air has the details if the link is flooded with too much traffic). There's a Sasquatch-themed press conference tomorrow to explain. It better not be a bunch of hype to hawk some cheesy new product (Bigfoot Jerky, Bigfoot Perfume, Sasquatch Home Pregnancy Test, etc.). Remember back in 2001 when there was the "It" campaign that was supposed to unveil some anti-gravitron device that could travel through time or whatever, but it turned out to be that crappy-ass Segway, which would result in a monster-sized ass whopping if you were spotted within 20 feet of one. This better not be anything like that, the world is already too depressing a place to have our hopes vanquished for the umpteenth time.