06 August 2008

Utilizing the Earth's Resources Properly

Today at the Ulysses S. Grant Statue in DC (from Jonn)

This whole discourse about drilling is enough to make your head spin and give you bloggorhea worse than burrito night on a Chinese offshore oil rig. Some have mocked Obama's tire pressure plan (which coincidentally does improve gas mileage) to wean us off that sweet, sweet crude, which happens to be in some unstable nations. While others, filmed and photographed by Jonn at a MoveOn.org protest today, seem content on letting natural resources sit in the ground unused. What struck me about the above picture, is that the woman has a sign called "Stand Up For Solar", which shows how two sides of the political coin are fighting each other in a self-destructive fashion.

Assuming that we need to make use of the resources to live on this planet, why can't we use both solar technology and oil, and develop new technology to make them more efficient. Instead we sit around arguing with each other like cretinous in-laws while some rich sheikh in Saudi Arabia laughs at us. An efficient and sustainable society utilizing earth's resources isn't going to be achieved by a bunch of smarmy politicians.