12 September 2008

AFRICOM Gets Boned by Weenies in DC

The House Appropriations committee wants to slash funding for AFRICOM from $390M to $60M, right before the command is about to become fully stood up. David Axe has all the gritty details at Wired. The purpose of AFRICOM is defined on their website:

United States Africa Command, in concert with other U.S. government agencies and international partners, conducts sustained security engagement through military-to-military programs, military-sponsored activities, and other military operations as directed to promote a stable and secure African environment in support of U.S. foreign policy.
Pretty reasonable goals for foreign policy. And, it's disheartening to know, that supporting a continent that has tremendous support for the U.S., while a dangerous element of terrorism lurks in Somalia and Mauritania is not a priority. Time to spend all that taxpayer money on bailing out companies that engage in irresponsible lending practices and more coke-fueled sex parties at the Department of the Interior. The system totally works!