07 September 2008

Faux Patriotism At the Conventions

Patriotism is too abstract a concept to be put into a catchy jingle for public consumption at a massively choreographed political convention. Sure, the delegates can chant "U-S-A" and rock the lapel pins until the cows come home, but only the actions of one's existence can speak to a calling greater than themselves. Being part of the political process at these wingdings in Denver and Minnesota certainly demonstrates that the individuals involved have some interest in making America a better place, and therefore signifies a patriotic spirit (yes, even the Paultards). After all, we would still be paying taxes to the Queen of England if it wasn't for the Continental Congress (aka the Old Skool convention). But when these muckity-mucks try to make a point about how much they love their country to swindle a vote or two, since they assume the rubes in fly-over country can't grapple with the real issues, they come off like a bunch of creeps. Take a look at these two examples:

Apparently, the Republicans were trying to use the infamous Walter Reed Medical Center in their green-screen backdrop during McCain's acceptance speech. The problem is that it was Walter Reed Middle School in Los Angeles, not the place to rehabilitate our wounded vets. Brian McGough, someone who spent some time there after he was WIA in Iraq, has the details at VetVoice. The principal of the school even posted that the RNC had not asked them to use pics, and seeing how she is from LA Unfied School District, she probably is an ardent leftista. Whoops. This was probably the error of some overzealous intern that isn't skilled in the ways of Teh Google Image Search. Pisspoor editing like this in the future could mean that the POW tribute is just a bunch of clips of Hogan's Heros, and the tribute to active-duty Armed forces is screen shots from Halo 3. What a boneheaded mistake.

Moving on to the other side of the aisle, the Denver Post has the scoop on flags from the DNC left in garbage bags like a bunch of unwanted babies on prom night. Look at the Denver Post updates for denial from the punidilicious operatives, but the picture speaks for itself. The American flags that they were handing out to Obamamaniacs to prove to America that the Dems have boner over patriotic values too didn't get much respect off-camera.

So do the two big political parties hate America and have no respect for veterans? I really doubt it. But the methodology they employ to showcase these values comes off as awkward and phony. They should uphold the true standard of American patriotism, and that would be the antics of Missile Command record-holder, Mr. Awesome.

Patriotism at its finest!