12 September 2008

Fear and Loathing at the Milbloggies

The nomination phase of the Milbloggies is complete, and they are all so good, I had trouble voting (the exact opposite sentiment exists when voting for politicians). The Army category is extremely competitive, and I was a bit bummed that some of my favorite blogs from junior enlisted soldiers didn't make the cut. These include Fobbits Need Ice Cream Too, Army of Dude, and Iraq the Purgatorium. They all offer uncensored perspectives into the mind of a soldier. Putting up with all the bullshit of war on a crummy salary, while coming back to a misunderstanding American public. These are the guys who've been protecting our country for hundreds of years, and it's no coincidence that the American GI was Time's "Hero of the Century". Also, the milblogs from an active-duty female perspective didn't make the cut either. Some worthwhile reads are Tough Girl 101, Harmlessness Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, and GI Kate. IMHO, female active-duty members have gotten a bum deal from the American public. Too politically incorrect for the leftista zeitgeist that contends the military is a patriacrchal rape organization, and too badass for social conservatives that think women should be whipping up hams in the kitchen with their heels on. The public needs to wake up and smell the coffee, because women are getting awarded Silver Stars in the combat zone and hardly anyone is talking about it.

Unfortunately, there could only be 5 nominees in each category, and milblogging is an interesting genre filled with lots of different voices. The only thing I lament is that this stupid blog made the cut, which clearly shows that the internet as a cultural force has no goddamn class.

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