05 September 2008

The Great Palin Freak Out

Can She Save Us from the Doomsday Liberals at Cyberdyne?

These conventions are truly showing an America deeply polarized by politics. I think Palin is okay, but does she deserve a collective swoon from the conservative-libertarian base because she is going to radically alter our devastating path of self-destruction? We should not give up on our cynicism, as it is one of our generation's most proudest attributes. Yet, we have an entire population in a blackhole of cognitive dissonance to only hear good things about their candidates and slander about the other guy (or gal in this case). People seizing on gaffes and character assassination in the blogosphere to "score one for the team". This must be all very amusing for the people in power looking down on a divided America, which is squabbling over stupid shit like the cost of Cindy McCain's earrings. I agree with McCain's assessment that the fundamanetal purpose of life is to serve mankind, but there is really no reason to think that any politician will make our problems of expensive gas, lousy healthcare, and a cheatin' husband go away. The sad part about Democracy is that people actually think they can change a system to their benefit, when the entire governmental apparatus is dependent upon festering upon the public to survive. Born from lies and deceit, these people will tell us what we want to hear in order to feel good about ourselves when it comes time to pull the lever. There is no reason to be ecstatic and elated at this point in history. The war in Afghanistan needs immediate attention and our traditionally strong economy is in the shits. I'm not saying that our government is some neo-Stalinistic Gulag (like Crazy Lew did) and that we are all in line for the gallows, but let's not start blowing each other yet.