01 October 2008

Kos Diary on McCain's Gambling Problem

It's Never Too Early to Start!

It's not just the usual cadre of snake-handling Jesus freaks getting up in arms about the great American past time of gambling, it's politically opportunistic lefties too! From Kos (based on a NY Times story):
Does John McCain need help? McCain gambles away thousands of dollars of his wife's money, reportedly playing craps for eight hours straight. If he were an ordinary guy, without his wife's millions to fritter away, I'd expect to see him go bankrupt and enter rehab any day now.
Shaddap, you puritan busybody. Everyone knows that gambling is a fun way to escape the crushing reality of daily life. Where else can you ride the emotional roller coaster as the dollar signs in your eyes turn to tears...then back to dollar signs again as the Filipino lady on the other side of the table hits a Hard 8. Besides, with the way the stock market has been going lately, I'm more likely to throw my Roth-IRA investments on a double-down than some mutual fund which is going tits up.