30 September 2008

Leader of War-Ravaged Nation Sends Condolences to U.S.!

Maliki Sez Sorry to my Homies in America

Iraq has been ravaged for years by Ba'ath party rule, U.N. sanctions, and terrorist thugs attempting to establish a caliphate, but that didn't stop Prime Minister Maliki from expressing his sympathies to the American people. From an AP interview:

"If I had enough funds to assist the American economy, I would do all that I can. But unfortunately Iraq cannot solve America's economic problems.

"But what Iraq can do is take up more responsibility security-wise here inside Iraq. And I have told the Americans repeatedly that we are ready to take up responsibility here in Iraq so there are less losses, a decreased number of American lives lost, and I am prepared to present this case before the American people. ...

"Iraqis are ready to take up security responsibility inside their country but unfortunately there is not much Iraq can do regarding helping the American economy. And I do understand that it is mostly the economic burden that is impacting your people."

The facts sort of back this up. Iraq is running an $80B surplus due to oil exports, while the U.S. is $400B in the stink hole due to greedy politicians wasting money. Iraq does not have an adequate bureaucracy to spend revenue, while America has way too many in the power class with their dicks in the taxpayer pie. Multi-national oil corporations are licking their chops at the opportunity to invest in Iraq due to improved security, while access to offshore oil reserves in America is still very limited. It's naive to think that Iraq doesn't have major economic woes and the violence is still egregious, but it seems to be where the smart money is going. I'm torn between feeling respect for Iraq and a shame about my own country.