18 September 2008

Oh Noes! My Tax Dollars

or alternatively, Putting Your Money Where Our Mouth Is

After the McCain/Palin campaign wrote an Op-Ed in WSJ explaining why the bailout of the plutocrats at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was necessary, they continue to totally blow it with Palin re-hashing talking points on Fox News with Sean Hannity. Wonkette has a partial transcript:
The politics as usual, the cronyism that has been allowed to be accepted and then it leads us to a position like we are today with so much collapse on Wall Street. That’s the reform that we’ve got to get in there and make sure that this happens. We’ve got to put government and these regulatory agencies back on the side of the people.
The federal government is, without a doubt, the most irresponsible and reckless spender of money since currency was first introduced to civilization in the form of sea shells. Like the $59 Trillion tax payers are obligated to pay for future entitlement programs, the monstrous bailouts of these loser institutions on Wall Street will certainly continue the culture of what SGT Gene calls "Socialism for them and cut-throat Capitalism for the rest of the plebeians, Profits are Privatised and Losses are Socialized."

The "Super Jumbo Mortgages" for over $650K, that the bankrupt Lehman Brothers Bank still offers on their website, conjures the image of a hot dog sale rather than a sound financial investment. As long as these suits know that politicians are going to bail them out of their shoddy escapades into entrepreneurship, who's stopping them from embracing get rich schemes that are destined to fail. Why else would these major corporations be so interested in buying off politicians to do their bidding? While media types like Modo blast the inherent rubeness of the American populace in states removed from the power structure, they'd be better off just heading down the street to see where the majority of our problems lie.