31 October 2008

4 Political Ads to Make You Vomit in the Voting Booth

They often say that politics is the entertainment industry for ugly people, and no where is that more evident than these heinous concoctions of money-hungry people in bad suits seeking power in Washington. Check it out:

#1: The "Big John" ad for Sen. Cornyn (R-Tx). He was quoted in Politico saying "My staff convinced me that it would be a good idea… Maybe I need a new staff." I know the Republic of Texas has a history of cowboy culture, but are the people looking for their Senator to ride into DC with a Howdy-Doody vest?

#2:There is no doubt that the former Alaskan Senator, Mike Gravel, is completely insane. Trying to "bust out a rap" reminds me of an anti-drug PSA from the early 90s, and this ad came out waayyy after Obama Girl was yesterday's news.

#3:Ralph Nader ponders the existentialism of politics in a post-modern world...with a parrot. Why? Because he's a fuckin' idiot.

#4: Sure, The Obama would never lend himself to such a shoddy product. But this bizarre chearleading contest from Obama, Japan is probably going to replace recess for every kid in public school. So get used to hearing this melody as you drive around town looking for a job and scavenging for a dead cat to cook up in Obama's America.


santia said...

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