23 October 2008

A Blemish on America From Not Long Ago

As much as I like to bitch about all the anti-military crazies these days (cf. C.H.U.D. Busters), it was probably peanuts compared to what the Vietnam veterans had to go through. Zombietime has a detailed look at a Weather Underground manifesto (of which Ayers co-wrote): Prairie Fire. From the "Strategies for Revolution" section:

Page 40 of the manuscript is typical: It outlines the Weather Underground's strategies for overthrowing the United States. Among the many strategies are: eliminating the feeling of patriotism among the general public, destroying the government from within, and starting a mass insurrection among the lower classes.
Jawa Report also has details on the plans the Weather Underground had for re-education centers in the Southwest and genocide against those who could not be converted to "revolutionary" standards. America has always had its share of crazies on all sides of the political spectrum. For a look at far-right strangeness, there's The Turner Diaries, which lays out a blueprint for inciting a race war and bringing down the federal goverment. But it's pretty shitty when 3,000 academics are rushing to Bill Ayers defense to defend this sort of hate. The Support Bill Ayers petition is here, and I tried to sign up "Smiley Time Pol Pot" from the "Khmer Rouge University", but I think they are screening the thing, which might put a damper on any cyber-shenanigans.