14 October 2008

Could McCain Win the Coveted Waffle House Vote?

With Barack Obama already offering McCain a job for his future administration, and Paul Krugman already freaking out about those crazy non-liberals wreaking havoc in retaliation, I'm guessing Mr. Obama has it locked up in the polls. But have the pundits given any thought to the all-important Waffle House poll? Blueberries are for Obama and Strawberries are for McCain (I think). The Waffle House is as prevalent in the South as coffee shops in the PacNorthwest, and I always make sure to swing by whenever I'm passing through. I was going to inquire about the margin of error on the waffle poll to the waitress, but the young teenager accused me of being "nasty" when I said that Jacksonville having a plethora of strip clubs was not necessarily a bad thing. I figured it was time to be moseying along.