07 October 2008

DaveC Gets Booted off Obsidian Wings

DaveC, often the lone dissenter amidst a swarm of liberal commenters, has been booted off the left-leaning website Obsidian Wings for a comment about Democrats supporting dictators. Was his comment nasty? Probably. Was it necessary? Yes. I will always maintain that the internet should be a sewer with the occasional moments of thoughtful insight mixed up with a YouTube video of Geraldo getting punched in the face or something. That's the only reason we keep coming back, because it is a sea of humor in a dull, soul-crushing world. Too many left-leaning blogs like Daily Kos and HuffPo take themselves way too seriously and end up being boring, elitist caricatures of the media they so often decry. Political-themed blogging seems to be turning into a mob-like Leviathan seeking to silence dissenting opinions with torches n' pitchforks, while parroting talking points from one of the two major political parties. Well, here's to DaveC for keeping real, even if some might consider him a dick. In honor of DaveC, below is a sassy Palin video set to German techno that you probably would only hear during a sheize porn: