15 October 2008

David Frum Takes On Rachel Maddow

David "Little Mac" Frum Taking On the Wusses at MSNBC

David Frum mocks the pundit Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show for lounging in the gutter while discussing politics. My favorite commentary site is the snarky Wonkette, so I hardly profess to take politics completely seriously, but it's odd that liberals are so defensive about this issue:
MADDOW: Do you think that my tone on this show is equivalent to people calling Barack Obama somebody who ‘pals around with terrorists,’ people yelling from the…people yelling from the audience at McCain/Palin rallies, kill him, off with his head, traitor, are you accusing me of an equivalence in tone?
We've been subjected to the last 8 years of bashing the executive branch from 911 being a Zionist conspiracy to start the Iraq war to the less nuanced "Fuck Bush" attire found on college campuses. Now that an Obama presidency is imminent, these people are already rushing to declare anyone not on the Hopeenchange express as right wing wackos jerking off to the American flag and Guns N' Ammo. I usually find this rhetoric humorous from all parties, but when people adopt it with a sense of moral certainty that they are somehow above criticism for such crude tactics, you can only predict troubled times ahead for non-liberals.