03 October 2008

Do You Know About the Dangers of A Nuclear Detonation?

Oh Noes! My Porn Was in There

Did you know that a nuclear detonation by a ballistic missile could cause widespread death and destruction?!? Get the fuck out, I know. Despite duck n' cover drills being taught throughout America during the cold war, the cuban missile crisis, and a legendary performance by Steve Gutenberg in The Day After, the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation seems to think people in Washington DC don't appreciate the devastation that a nuclear explosion could cause. That's why they want to create "EMP Recognition Day" on March 23rd for congress members, where politicians would have to live out a Flintstones episode because everything electronic would be simulated as decimated by an Electromagnetic Pulse.

Not sure what the point of this foolishness is, but they seem to want to drum up support for more investment in missile defense. Not surprising as they get a bunch of their funding from defense contractors. Pretty lame.

(h/t Armchair Generalist)