05 October 2008

Dumb Article of the Day From CNN: Palin spoke at 10th-grade level, Biden at eighth

Is a 30+ year member of the Senate really a numbskull 8th grader?

I'm not sure where these eggheads writing campaign articles for CNN went to school as adolescents, but if you're like me, you spent eighth grade debating the merits of how kickass Lars Ulrich was and quoting ad nauseam from Beavis. Debates of foreign and economic policy were not often heard at the cafeteria during the 1992 election for yours truly. However, the standards they use seem ridiculous, as they said Lincoln, who has one of the greatest presidential speeches, was talking at a lousy 11th-grade level. By junior year I had only graduated from hesherdom to the anti-authority stylings of punk rock, but maybe I'm just a slow learner.