20 October 2008

A Fallen Soldier's Thoughts on America

Stephen Fortunato: KIA Afghanistan

Wow, this is pretty hardcore. From the Boston Globe (h/t Greta):
I am doing my part in fighting a very real enemy of the United States, i.e. Taliban, Al Qaida, and various other radical sects of Islam that have declared war on our way of life. Unless you believe the events of 9/11 were the result of a government conspiracy, which by the way would make you a MORON, there is no reasonable argument you can make against there being a true and dangerous threat that needs to be dealt with. i don't care if there are corporations leaching off the war effort to make money, and i don't care if you don't think our freedom within America's borders is actually at stake. i just want to kill those who would harm my family and friends. it is that simple. Even if this is just a war for profit or to assert America's power, so what? Someone has to be on top and I want it to be us. There's nothing wrong with wishing prosperity for your side.
In our emo/wuss culture in post-modern America, where people seem to be more interested in what the government can provide for you in order to shirk your personal responsibilities, I'm very grateful that there is a small band of people willing to fight for America. Guys like Stephen have been protecting our country for hundreds of years, and while some folks might shrink away at his harsh words for dissenters, don't give him any less respect that he rightfully deserves. R.I.P.