04 October 2008

Governator Pulls a "Jingle All The Way" on the CA Economy

It's Me Standing in Front of a Wall for 2 Hours...It Cost 7 Billion Dollars

Governor McBain may have been able to take on the Predator and save Alyssa Milano's virginity from drug dealers, but much like the colossal flop "Jingle All the Way", he has really sent CA into the shits with gross budgetary mismanagement. So much so, that the once great actor is begging the feds for $7B like a Hollywood hobo:
Without the loan, the governor warned that the state "may be unable to obtain the necessary level of financing to maintain government operations." Schwarzenegger added that many states and local governments have been unable to get financing for "routine cash flow used to make critical payments to schools, local governments and law enforcement."
An allegory for rampant government waste in California is the Belmont High School in downtown Los Angeles. It cost $400M, was still being debated over its location atop an old oil field when I was at UCLA 7 years ago, and only recently opened after 15 years of bureacratic wrangling and sloppy construction. At 400,000,000 bones for one lousy high school, you can see why the state is flat broke.