18 October 2008

Petraeus Tank to Spread Teh Justice Throughout Iraq

Here's an interesting story from the NYT Baghdad Bureau. Seems the Iraqi Minister of Defense might want to name the perspective M1A1 Abrams Tank sales after the former head of MNF-I:

Abdul Qader Mohammed Jassem, the Minister of Defense, publicly floated the notion at a farewell ceremony for General Petraeus in the Green Zone last month.

With brass bands in attendance the minister said that the recently-elevated head of U.S. Central Command contributed greatly to building up the Iraqi military while serving as the American commander in Iraq and earlier as head of the U.S. training command there.

“I think it would be suitable to name the first tank to arrive in General Petraeus’s name,” he said.

“When they have M1 tanks working with them and supporting them they will remember General Petraeus.”
P4 was the senior commander in Iraq when violence saw a remarkable decline, after it looked like all hope was lost. Moveon.Org even tried to discredit Petraeus as a low-life Republican hack when he testified that the surge was working back in September 2007. Their credibility going down the toilet might have been bad in an election season for them, but it was a good thing for the rest of us as Iraq saw considerable improvements.