16 October 2008

Reality in Photographs

At a time when our conflicts are taking a backburner to talks of economic collapse and what's on Joe the Plumber's mind regarding tax policy, it's important to remember that there's two wars going on overseas where our troops are. Jules Crittenden provides a link to a series of powerful photographs of Iraq/A-stan at Battlespace Online. They are incredibly brutal, but incredibly necessary to see to help comprehend the reality of modern conflict that our troops live every day. We tend to view war from the prism of domestic politics all the way back in our comfortable living conditions in the states, and I'm thankful for the photographers that shatter our illusions about what it's like...that and I'm appreciative of our troops and allies who suffer through this reality day in and day out. If it wasn't for them, I would've been dead.

Also, didja hear that Al-Qaeda's #2 guy in Iraq got schwacked. Apparently, the dude was executing foreign fighters who wouldn't carry out suicide bombings, which shows how poorly managed and how low morale is for the enemy. And you thought Wall Street was a dysfunctional group of people.