22 October 2008

Reason's Strategy on GOP: Throw Out The Bums

Reason Burning Bridges With Current Repubs

I disagree with the hipsters at Reason on national security issues, but I pretty much agree with them on everything else. There's an intersting article called "Why the Republicans Must Lose" from one of the senior editors:
That's the second reason the GOP needs to lose. American voters need to send a clear, convincing repudiation of these dangerous ideas. If they do lose, the GOP would be wise to regroup and rebuild from scratch, scrap the current leadership, and, most importantly, purge the party of the "national greatness," neoconservative influence.
This is a much more well-framed argument of what I wrote about on Monday, and I encourage any disgruntled ex-Republican to check out Reason's justification for "throttling" this wretched new GOP that we have seen the past 8 years.