25 October 2008

Super Fun Time Weekend Thread: Ashley Todd and Bad Avatar Edition

Surprise! The 20-year old McCain volunteer Ashley Todd, who tried to start off a race war or some bullshit with a Munchausen-like story about a 6'4" black man carving a B in her face, made it all up [KDKA-Pittsburgh]. I guess it wasn't that big a surprise, because Michelle Malkin and Wonkette already declared shenanigans last night due to her bizarre twitter account. That pathetic ruse was about as successful as my astro-turf campaign at This Ain't Hell.

Anyways, what's everyone got going on this weekend? Any badass Halloween paraphernalia in the works?

World's Worst Avatar Generator: (h/t Waxy)
This website generates a free avatar based on whatever name you type in (FYI, to get your avatar in the haloscan comments go to this link). Although, I tried punching up some of the frequent commenters here into the generator, and some of you may be less than impressed with your pixelated self. Check it out:
ABWF the 1985 mulleted hescher

Subrookie the mustached kid-toucher

Wek the freaky cyclops that lost his nose due to cocaine abuse

Ms. Kiyum the overweight Vegas bookie

Kath the reincarnation of King Hippo

Cathcatz the leader of Angola Prison's notorious Diablo gang

LT Nixon the botched Frankenstein experiment

LT Nixon (using his real name) the misunderstood emo wuss