03 October 2008

Super Happy Hour at This Ain't Hell, Update: Who Won?

The other Sarah Connor

Come see Jonn Lilyea for off-color jokes at his Veep debate chat room. I'll be hanging out there and the topic of the other Sarah Connor (Sarah Palin) will probably come up.

Update: So what didja think? I expected a dismal flop from Palin, but she seemed to do alright. Rachel Maddow said she was winking at the crowd like some hussy, but I didn't see it. I think she deflected talking about Pakistan, but so did Biden. Biden's smile was the bomb, because it looked like he was about to grab Palin's ass like some creepy boss getting fresh with the stenographer pool in 1952. But really, the true winner is the American people, who get to take part in this ridiculous year-long debacle known as a presidential election for another month.