26 November 2008

Admiral Mullen Nixes Holiday Wingding Since the Economy Blows

Fancy Pentagon Gala Downgraded to Cheap Get-Together

Many of our leaders come from the upper crust of society, but unlike Big Three executives, they understand that when hard times hit the people, you've got to tone it down a bit. Winston Churchill famously walked through the bombed out wreckage in England during WWII, and Robert E. Lee even wrote letters to Southern kids about Santa during the Reconstruction era. Admiral Mullen is following that trend by canceling a big holiday ball and replacing it with a small get-together for wounded vets. From U.S. News:
If you didn't know that the two-war Pentagon was operating on shoestring, here's the latest evidence. Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has just canceled his annual Christmas party. The chief has just sent out cards announcing that he and his wife have decided to "forego their holiday reception this year" in light of the "trying financial times."
Everyone in the military knows that if the top officers waste money like a bunch of drunk frat boys in Vegas, it's license for their subordinates to do the same. Hence "setting the standard" of being humble and thrifty while our economy collapses and the military is about to get its budget slashed is a smart move for public relations on the Mullens part.

Are the top politicians doing the same during this nationwide belt-tightening? Well, Obama's inauguration is going to cost millions, and Bush pardoned a delicious and nutritious turkey to go on a plane ride to LA that could have fed someone. Next year when we're all eating pigeons we shot at the garbage dump for Thanksgiving, we're going to look back on that free turkey with regret.