24 November 2008

And the Mother of the Year Award Goes to...

It's often joked about amongst military personnel that their wife will try and kill them to get at their massive $400K SGLI life insurance policy. This is the first time I've heard of it actually being attempted. From Seattle P-I:

An Army wife accused of setting her apartment on fire botched an attempt to collect on her husband's $400,000 insurance policy when he survived and her two children died instead, a federal prosecutor said.

Billi Jo Smallwood, 35, was denied bond at a Friday hearing in northeast Georgia, where she appeared on federal charges of damaging government property by fire.

"She set fire to her own home in hopes of killing her husband and wound up killing her kids," Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Gabay-Smith said.
Damn, that's messed up. At least the lady who drowned her five kids in the bathtub could blame her psychosis on a momentary rush of Post-Partum. And when I say "blamed", I mean about a 50,000 Volt difference in the judge's sentencing decision if you catch my drift...bzzzz, sizzle.