22 November 2008

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Expect Shit From the New Administration

Obama Turn his Back on the LGBT community

Despite making a campaign promise to repeal the 15-year long policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the military to allow homosexuals to serve openly, it's not going away in the near future. As co-blogger Jonn writes at The Obacalypse:
So far Obama has tossed the anti-war crowd and women aside and now the gays. I guess the "95% of Americans will get tax cuts" is next. Who would have thought that he's just another Democrat politician who thinks it's fine to ignore campaign promises.
Personally, I'm opposed to DADT for two reasons. One is that the arguments pushed for by June Cleaver-like culture warriors, such as Elaine Donnelly, about homosexuals spreading their "Teh Ghey" all over the place in close-quarters if they are allowed to come out of the closet is dumb. Speaking from personal experience on a sub, there are no secrets after weeks stuck in a tube with a bunch of other dudes, and whether or not someone can "legally" be permitted to say "Guess what, I'm Gay!" isn't going to come as a big surprise at the unit-level. Two, is that it has a counter-recruitment effect at colleges like Columbia, that continues to bar ROTC from campus since they perceive the military as hostile to homosexuals (the fact that the Federal Government sets this policy for the military seems to be lost on them).

But, that's neither her nor there, the point is that Obama isn't even in office yet and he's already scrapping the promises he made. Under the bus, indeed. Maybe he'll just gut the whole military instead of trying to reform it.